Resources & Literature

Are you looking for Resources and information on the Seventeenth Century?


Sealed Knot Sword Handbook 2015:  Essential reading if you wish to carry a sword onto  the field

Sealed Knot Drill 2003 The current drill carried out by the Sealed Knot

Duties in a company Information on pay scales and the duties of the various specialised members of a 17th century infantry company

Period 17th century literature:

Militarie Discipline Or the Young Artillery man:  William Barriff 1643 The gold standard for English Civil War |Drill for Pike and Musket

Animadversions of warre; or a militarie magazine of the truest rules,
and ablest instructions, for the managing of warre
: Robert Ward 1639: Covers information on: Fortifications, Artillery, Infantry, Musket, Cavalry, Engineers, Logistics, Military law and even framing of battles and the political maneuvering required to fight.

Older literature

Saviolo 1595 Considered one of the more important works on fencing in the late 16th and early 17th centuries

Codex Gulef (1591)  Very clear illustration and english translation. The Half Staff and Dusak sections are of particular interest