Seige Of Chester – August 2015

SEIGE OF CHESTER – August 2015

Just back from a very tiring but most enjoyable muster in Chester.  Other than what was probably close to a 2 mile walk to the battlefield, the whole thing ticked all the boxes: spacious camp site, regimental gatherings/song in the awning, lively beer tent and good battles.  Despite only fielding 6-7 each day we got to play with a similar number of Bagots on Sunday and work with the musket on Monday, which involved some hand-to-hand with Royalist musket and some good-natured encounters with various push regiments while defending the musket.

We posed for a lovely picture (courtesy of Rusty Aldwinckle) which will appear in orders soon along with a blog from Martin.  Pity we couldn’t get the whole regiment together, including some of the Mackenzie boys who were putting on a display with the apprentices.

Anyhow, a fab time was had by all.

Here’s to Crowland Abbey!


Seige Of Chester

Seige Of Chester

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